Galvanized hardened steel nails flat head ribbed legs.

The quality of the TOOLER steel nails is given by the sum of several factors.

  • Steel: C45;
  • Flat head with a ribbed stem with 9 oblique lines forming a spiral groove;
  • Tip with high penetration index;

The flat head does not cause large imbalances at the center of gravity of the nail at the moment of the stroke, allowing perpendicular penetration. The lines on the shank make it easier to cross the cement by not allowing the nail, once entered, to turn on itself.

The hardened steel and the particular shape of the shank allow the TOOLER steel nails to bend at 90 ° and withstand extraction up to 750kg.

Packaging: 2.5 kg boxes, 8 boxes per outer carton (20 kg), 1200 kg pallets.